Zina is a 19 years old teen. she is living in Dohuk with her sick mother and handicapped father with 8 siblings as she is the older one.  She was 11 years old when her father decided to prevent her to go to school because she is a girl. She told him that she would like to be a doctor one day but he ridiculed her as she is nothing. ‘ I am lost now, my father has destroyed my CAYODAC. I am living now in a very isolated place. I am trying to read books as I can. But I have no money to buy books. I am living as living the caves’’ Said Zina If you don’t have the rights to study, live, or just because you are girl, so why God created me as a girl?? Because Zina is a girl that is why her father prevented her to go to school instead he made her illiterate girl. Is there is any kind of differences between man and woman? Zina is an example of thousands of girls that are losing their rights as human. She is living in a very bad and isolated... المزيد